5 Essentials for a Successful Corporate Move

A corporate move can be stressful if you are not armed with the essentials that you need to successfully get through it. Especially if you have a large corporation, moving the entire office of a company takes proper planning, enough time, means for transportation, supplies, and helping hands. To further help in your corporate move, Graebel Van Lines has put together some tips to get you and your company successfully moved into your new office.

  1. Put together a proper plan – Gather colleagues or your department heads and sit down to make a corporate move plan. Write down all of the things each department needs to do, in order to be prepared for when your corporate movers show up to move all of your office items. Delegate responsibility, by giving each person a specific job they are in charge of to ensure that everything in your office is prepared to move when your corporate moving day comes.
  1. Make sure you give your company enough time – Don’t keep your employees in the dark about your corporate move. Keeping them involved in the moving process, will give them enough time to get their affairs in order and make any changes to their daily routine if applicable. Moving your company’s office could mean taking a different route to work for one of your employees; potentially having an effect on which daycare center they use for their children. Giving your employees enough time to get situated with the change in office location is courteous and can save you from losing employees in light of an unexpected move.
  1. Properly transport all of your office items – A corporate move not only means that your employees have to move all of their belongings, but also moving fragile equipment like computers and large office furniture. Hiring a professional corporate moving company, like Graebel Van Lines, ensures that items get to their new destination safely. By using Graebel Van Lines, your equipment is bar-coded and logged into an inventory management system. This safeguards your equipment so when it arrives to your new office, everything is accounted for. If you have paperwork such as records that need to be disposed off before your corporate move, Graebel Van Lines has the ability of securely destroying these items.
  1. Supplies for packing – When you and your employees are ready to start packing items in preparation for your corporate move, make sure that you have the appropriate packing supplies on hand. Depending on how many people you have in your office will determine how may permanent makers, boxes, and rolls of packaging tape you should have available.
  1. Recruit help – Don’t try to take on a corporate move alone. Ask your coworkers and employees for help. This will not only alleviate stress for you, but it will also help keep things flowing and organized. Moving offices can be difficult if you get burnt out, so acquiring help from others will keep the corporate moving process going smooth and create team comradery.

If you are organizing a corporate move for your company, consider hiring a professional corporate mover, such as Graebel Van Lines. This professional office moving company offers moving checklists, planning, and processes at accurate office moving estimates.