Auto Transportation

Shipping your car with the help of Graebel Van Lines® ensures that you will save time and energy when moving. In some cases, such as moving internationally, you don’t have a choice regarding how your car is moved. Regardless, you still want to make sure that it is in good hands.

Your car is most likely your second largest investment other than your home, so you want to make sure that the moving company or automobile transportation service that you hire is highly trained, licensed, and specializes in auto transportation.

Graebel Van Lines® can not only take care of your residential or international move, but we can also take care of transporting your most valuable possessions – like your car.

How it Works:

Our skilled auto transportation specialists will give you an estimated date of when they can come to your residence and pick-up your vehicle, as well as give you a timeframe for when it will be delivered to your new location. Graebel Van Lines® wants you to keep in mind that this timeframe is typically a three to five day window and we will store your vehicle if the pick-up or delivery dates do not work with your schedule.

When an auto transportation specialist from Graebel Van Lines® is dispatched to your home to give you an estimate, they have been professionally trained to inspect every aspect of your vehicle and assess the current condition. Our auto transport specialist will then give you a detailed inspection sheet, which you both will sign. This way, if there are any damages at the time of delivery, Graebel Van Lines® can assess the situation and make sure that you are adequately compensated.

Auto Transportation Costs:

Since Graebel Van Lines® works closely with ports and transportation companies, the cost for moving your vehicle will depend on where you are moving to and from. The cost of transporting your vehicle can also depend on the kind of car you have. For luxury vehicles, Graebel Van Lines® can provide an enclosed truck to ensure that your vehicle is safe from scratches, dents, and debris.


Graebel Van Lines® offers full service automobile transportation locally, nationally, and internationally. Graebel Van Lines® works with highly reputable vehicle transportation companies, offering the finest door-to-door auto transport experience for your move. With full insurance coverage for your vehicles, you can entrust even the most luxurious cars to Graebel Van Lines® auto transportation specialists.