Commercial Storage Solutions When Moving a Business

When the need arises to store commercial belongings, Graebel Van Lines® utilizes only the best practices for storing antiques, high valued items, and even commercial goods that are perishable. Graebel Van Lines® customized logistics for warehousing and storing commercial goods is just a small facet of our full service commercial moving process, but it is perhaps one of the most important. After all, storing your company’s electronics, data, and equipment and ensuring its safety is a crucial aspect to the overall outcome of your office move.

Regardless of where you are moving your office to or from, Graebel Van Lines® incorporates the following best practices for commercial storage, so that you never have to worry about the status and condition of your commercial goods and belongings.

The commercial storage facilities at all Graebel Van Lines® locations are climate-controlled, so whether short or long-term, your company can enjoy the many pros to climate controlled commercial storage, as compared to that of conventional storage solutions.

  • Fights against mold – Depending on your company, commercial storage that is climate controlled will allow the facility to maintain the proper temperature and humidity for preserving the original condition of your commercial equipment and documents, eliminating the chance of mold.
  • Equipment corrosion – Modern-day equipment has meta components that are not resistant against corrosion. One way to fight corrosion is to control humidity, which is exactly what the climate-controlled commercial storage solutions at Graebel Van Lines® provides.
  • Security – Climate-controlled commercial storage solutions are the most secure storage solutions available for your equipment and important documents, since they are indoor facilities.

Graebel Van Lines® commercial storage and warehousing specialists will maintain a proper inventory of all of your belongings; digitally logged to prevent lost or stolen items. Our storage facilities are technologically-advanced commercial storage solutions, so regardless of how large or small your business is, a Graebel Van Lines® storage facility has no disadvantages.

When determining whether or not your business needs climate-controlled commercial storage or not, think about duration. If our professional office movers are moving your business within two weeks’ time you may not need specialty storage for your office equipment. Take into consideration your geographical location and the changes in humidity. In more humid states, opting for indoor, climate-controlled commercial storage is always the better option when moving your office over the course of a week or more.

Planning a course of action for moving your office and opting for commercial storage is no easy task. The commercial storage logistics experts at Graebel Van Lines® can help coordinate a storage solution to match the needs of your business and move. Contact a specialist in your area today for more information.