4 Essential Supplies for Moving Offices

Moving offices can be a stressful time and an inconvenience to your business. By making sure your office has the necessary supplies for packing and moving, and by using Optim Workspace™, a Graebel Van Lines® Company, you can reduce the stress involved.

With over 65 years in the moving industry, Graebel Van Lines® assures an efficient and stress-free move by using the following essential supplies for moving offices.

1. Dollies – The number one supply for packing and moving an office is of course going to be moving boxes, but dollies are going to be your best friend when it comes to moving your office. Since offices tend to have quite a few heavy objects like printers, fax machines, desks, etc., having more than one dolly will help get the job done faster and safer. Through years of moving offices, Graebel Van Lines® recommends using either a Standard Dolly or a Long Rail Dolly over an H-Type Dolly or Plain Top Dolly that may scratch your office furniture.

2. Floor Protectors – If you are moving offices with a time constraint due to lease expiration or you are selling your office space in order to expand your center, floor protectors are a must-have supply for packing and moving your office equipment without damaging the floors. Professional office movers use Corrugated Paper Rolls, Glassine Paper Rolls, or Kraft Paper Rolls to protect flooring when completing an office move. Make sure that the office moving company you hire lines the floors to prevent damage.

3. Furniture Pads – Again, reputable office moving companies will use only the most essential supplies moving offices, which will always include Quilt-Pads. Premium Quilt Pads are used by Optim Workspace™ Solutions to ensure the absolute best protection of your office furniture; however, the majority of office moving companies use the standard furniture pads that do offer consistent protection, just not an increased level of protection as the latter.

4. Cargo Straps – Cargo straps help ensure that your office furniture and belongings do not move while inside the moving truck; strapping down any loose items that may shift around and possibly get damaged during transport. Cargo straps may also be used to help with the lifting of large or oddly shaped items you may have in your office. Office moving companies typically use Series “E” Logistics Straps, but a white-glove office moving company will most likely have Electronic-Style Straps or Series “F” Logistics Straps as well.

These four essential supplies for moving offices will ensure that your office move is a smooth and stress-free transition. Moving offices does not have to be a hassle; Optim Workspace™, a Graebel Van Lines® Company, makes office moving streamlined and simple for business owners. Regardless of your moving needs, our expert team of office movers can create a custom-tailored office moving package that eliminates stress and aims to decrease your business’ downtime. Contact us today for a free, in-office moving estimate!