Exhibit design is a collaborative process that integrates the principles of many industries, including architecture, landscape, graphic design, digital media, lighting, and even interior design. Perhaps the most important aspect of an exhibit is the safe packing and transport of exhibit materials and everything that lends the ultimate end product.

Graebel Van Lines® has been professionally moving not only businesses and corporations, but also pristine exhibits for over 60 years. Our exhibit coordinators and transportation logistics experts are not only moving experts, but seasoned professionals when it comes to taking into consideration all of the aforementioned collaborations during the process. Regardless of how large or small your exhibit may be, Graebel Van Lines® white-glove moving services are so fine-tuned, we can match the needs and wants of your exhibit’s transport. Our professional exhibit movers can move your show space, zoo, museum, retail exhibit, and even visitor center.

At Graebel Van Lines®, safety is key, and your most prized exhibit will be moved with precise detail and accuracy that comes unmatched in the moving industry. When you put your trust in our exhibit logistics professionals and coordinators, they will assess your current exhibit setup and features, making sure that packing and then reassembling either goes seamlessly, or better than you expected. The exhibit coordinators at Graebel Van Lines® are so extensive when it comes to detail that they may even make suggestions for creating the ultimate exhibit at your new location.

The packing of all exhibit equipment and materials is done in a manner that will preserve their functionality during transport, eliminating the chance of damage due to natural transportation conditions, as well as humidity and weather conditions. During the packing process, digital inventory will be taken to ensure that all materials are accounted for and logged for computerized, 24/7 tracking during transport.

Once your exhibit has been properly and securely transported to the new location, our coordinators will work closely with your team to move and setup your exhibit exactly as desired. Graebel Van Lines® has worked closely with exhibit designers to build a conceptual or interpretive plan and then move everything into place.

For exhibit movers who are not strangers to exhibition design, contact Graebel Van Lines® at 1-877-488-3575 to speak with a specialty exhibit coordinator today.