Finding the Best Office Movers for Non-Profit Moves

When your non-profit has to move locations, the number one thing to keep in mind is that all non-profit organizations are different. Some organizations move because they have established success and are expanding to additional locations. Other non-profits may need to move to accommodate a reduction in funding or, in reverse of expanding, consolidate multiple locations in order to improve their efficiency.

Regardless of why you are moving a non-profit, Optim Workspace™, a Graebel Van Lines® Company, has been moving non-profit organizations for over six decades, streamlining the process for each unique organization. Since it can be difficult finding the best office movers for non-profits, the following are tips on everything that your organization should look for in office moving companies.

Step 1: Check with the landlords at your present and future location, and find out whether or not you are required to use union movers rather than the professional office movers of your choice.

Step 2: The very best way to select a moving company to move your non-profit organization is to ask other non-profits that have moved. Do some research online for office moving companies that normally handle non-profit organization moves and check their reviews. Be sure to check their licensing information as well.

Step 3: Narrow your choices to three to five office movers and have them come to your current location for a free, in-office moving estimate. You can also send out RFPs (Request For Proposal), which will outline in more detail exactly what you can expect from that moving company when it comes to moving a non-profit organization.

Step 4: By the time your organization is ready to find the best office movers to handle the moving process, you should have a complete logged inventory of items to be moved. Knowing the quantity of items to be moved will help the non-profit office moving company more accurately give you a moving estimate.

Step 5: After you have received estimates from all of the office moving companies that you chose, decide which one is the best for your non-profit. You will also want to call each moving company and make sure that they are available for your moving date. Since most of the proposals will most likely look very similar, Graebel Van Lines® recommends that you compare each proposal the best you can, then call your top three companies to come in for a meeting to clarify any questions you may have and give their final, negotiated price.

Step 6: The final part of finding the best office movers for non-profit moves is finalizing the proposal and hiring a moving company. Draft a contract that includes specifications of the bid, the moving schedule, all inventory to be moved, moving requirements specific to your non-profit, and insurance.