Hiring a Professional Local Office Moving Company

Hiring a professional, local office moving company is more difficult than it sounds. In fact, the majority of people who move do not do a lot of research when it comes to hiring a local moving company. At Graebel Van Lines®, we understand that you trust your office movers with more than just your printer; you trust them to do a job well-done so that your office can return to normalcy as soon as possible. For over 65 years, Graebel Van Lines® has been the local office moving company that cities all over the nation can trust, which is why our expert moving team has the following advice for hiring an office moving company in your area.

Word-of-mouth: Believe it or not, the number one way of finding the best local office moving company is still by word-of-mouth. Ask fellow business owners if they have ever changed locations and which local office moving company they used; did they like them?

Online Research: After you have received first-hand accounts from local business owners on who they used for their office move, go online and do some research on those companies. Especially if the business owners that you asked had moved a long time ago, you may have to check to make sure that the local office moving company they used to love has not, as of late, taken a turn for the worse. Call or go to the website of the Better Business Bureau (bbb.org). You also can call or e-mail the American Moving and Storage Association (moving.org, info@moving.org) to see if a moving company is a member, which means it has agreed to abide by the organization’s published tariffs and to participate in its arbitration program.

Receiving Estimates:  Narrow your research down to roughly three office moving companies that you would like to receive in-office estimates from, contact them, have them conduct the estimates, and be sure to ask a lot of questions. By getting as much information as possible from the local office moving company, you can gauge whether or not you would like to actually use their services.

Ask for their full company name, if they operate under any other names, the company’s corporate address and phone number, email, website, names and contact references, USDOT number, MC number, and if they handle all office moves themselves or contract out.

Optim Workspace™ is a Graebel Van Lines® Company that handles complex workspace solutions and logistics planning. For a major office move, Graebel Van Lines® may enlist in the services of Optim Workspace™ This is the type of question that you should ask your local office moving company in order to prevent confusion on the exact company and team that will be handling your office move.

Hiring a Local Office Moving Company: After all research is complete and you have reviewed all moving estimates, hire the local office moving company that presents the most bang for the buck, the total package, and that has a reputation that surpasses the rest. Hiring an office moving company should never be based off of price alone, but instead off of all factors rolled into one decision that is most suitable for your office move.