How To Move Your Corporate Office in Less Than 1 Week

It is not the ideal situation for your company, but if you do find yourself needing to move your corporate office in a jiff, professional corporate office moving company Graebel Van Lines, has helpful tips for you. Whether it is a small office with you and your partner, or an office of 100 employees, these guidelines will keep your corporate office move stress-free and bearable.

Day 1– Make a Plan and Implement Strategy – Don’t keep employees in the dark about a corporate move. Let them know as soon as possible that a move will be underway, so they can plan accordingly. Give them instructions on what they need to have packed up and by when. Let them know what they are responsible for and put someone in charge of the move in each department. For example, if your professional corporate movers are coming to move employees’ desks, make sure they have all of their belongings packed and their desks cleared off.

Day 2– Schedule a “Packing Day” – If your company is capable of allotting a day strictly to packing, do it! This helps keep employees on task, gets everyone involved, and prepares your company for your corporate office move quickly. Order pizza or something simple to the office for lunch the day you are packing for your corporate office move. This not only conveys a “thank you” to your employees, but also keeps them in the office so that they can continue working. By day’s end, the only things that should be left unpacked are large office furniture, desks, chairs, computers and other items that are essential for completing work.

Day 3 – Keep Up the Encouragement – Most of your things and other employees’ belongings should be packed up by this day. However, there may still be last minute items laying around, so make sure you have enough coffee to keep everyone energized and working.

Day 4 – Pack Up the Closets and Clean Out the Kitchen – Today is the day to clear out your office’s closets and get rid of anything your company doesn’t need anymore. Things like old USB cords or telephones can be put in a box and donated. You will most likely not need these things after you move your corporate office, so don’t even bother lugging them to your new office. If you have a kitchen, tell employees to take any food they have left in the fridge or cabinets home with them.

Day 5– Moving Day – Because you are so organized, professional corporate office movers like Graebel Van Lines, will now be able to quickly pack up the rest of your office and move everything to its new location. It might be a good idea to tell your employees to work from home or give them the day off on this day. Computers and office furniture will be broken down, so having many people in the office with nothing to do could be counter-productive. Instead, delegate responsibility by having the manager of each department come in to oversee your corporate office move.