International Housing Assistance When Moving Overseas

Regardless of whether you are moving internationally permanently or temporarily, finding a home across the world can be a ginormous feat. Graebel Van Lines® expert international coordinators not only help with every aspect of your international move, but they also work closely with host country specialists who can find you the perfect permanent or temporary home in your destination country.

Graebel Van Lines® international coordinators will work diligently to find a home that best suits your needs, so if you are moving internationally for a temporary work position or to be closer to family, your new destination will quickly feel like home.

International Housing Assistance Services

Graebel Van Lines® international moving coordinators will work with international housing assistance companies to ensure that your move goes as seamless as possible. With constant contact, our international coordinators will keep you updated every step of the way, allowing you to be a part of the international housing selection process, while minimizing the hassle. No matter how short or long your international stay is, Graebel Van Lines® can find you a place to call home.

Temporary International Housing Accommodations

If your international move is due to work or some other short-term circumstance, our international housing coordinators can find you the perfect short-term housing solution that matches your requests. Once you approve a property, our coordinators can begin the lease negotiation process with the property management and/or your employer.

International Property and Tenancy Management

Should you choose to keep your current home as an investment through leasing it out during your short or long-term move overseas, Graebel Van Lines® international moving coordinators can also help enlist the assistance of a property and tenancy management service. This option is typically the route taken when individuals are moving overseas for a temporary employment opportunity, and allows your occupied or vacant property to be managed while you are away, leaving you with less hassle during your international move/stay.