International Moving FAQ

Graebel Van Lines® know that moving to any new location is not easy, so when it comes to international moving, you may have a lot of questions regarding how to go about it and how to properly carry out your international move. With so many questions, the professionally trained international moving specialists at Graebel Van Lines® have come up with answers to the common questions that people seek answers to when moving internationally.

How can I receive an estimate for my international move, and what will the estimate consist of?

Graebel Van Lines® gives at-home moving estimates, just call 1-877-488-3575 or visit us online and fill out our Quote Request Form.

Your final moving estimate will be calculated based off of the total weight and volume of your shipment.

How much in advance should I make arrangements with an international mover?

Graebel Van Lines® always suggests that you give a moving company 8 weeks’ notice; however, our international moving specialists are available whenever you choose to use our international moving services – even last minute. The more time you give Graebel Van Lines®, the easier the process of scheduling an in-home estimate and move management process will be.

How does the shipping process work for my belongings?

Our expert international coordinators work closely with global carriers, and can make customs clearance arrangements so that your belongings travel properly and safely.  The best aspect to hiring Graebel Van Lines® for your international move is that we handle every step of the process for you. All you have to do is book your personal travel arrangements.

What should I not bring with me during my international move?

The international coordinators at Graebel Van Lines® will provide you with a list of items that will not clear customs, so that you are aware of any restricted items that would prevent your cargo from entering your destination country. Like residential moves, our professional moving team recommends that any perishable or hazardous items not be packaged and shipped.

How will my belongings be packaged and shipped?

Graebel Van Lines® use only the finest quality packing materials and techniques. Your belongings will first be custom crated, and then transportation will be coordinated with leading carriers for air, sea, or overland transport to your destination country. Lastly, we will organize all of your belongings to be cleared through customs.

Should I opt for full service international moving services or pack some items myself?

Our international moving coordinators do not recommend packaging anything for yourself when it comes to moving internationally, since “packed by owner” shipments or “PBOs” do not receive the proper insurance as it would if it were packaged by proper standards, which is something that Graebel Van Lines® takes care of for you.

What kind of insurance do international movers offer and should I purchase additional coverage?

There are three forms of movers insurance that you can purchase for your international move: Full Replacement Value Coverage, Released Value Coverage, and Extensions. Full Replacement Value Coverage is your best option, but it typically requires that a professional international moving company handles your move from start to finish, in its entirety, in order for the coverage to be valid. Extensions will cover additional damages such as mechanical and electrical damages, as well as mold and mildew, and can be added through Graebel Van Lines® at an additional fee.

How do I move my vehicle overseas?

International movers, like Graebel Van Lines®, take care of making arrangements to move all of your belongings, including your vehicle. Simply talk to one of Graebel Van Lines® international coordinators for more information.

How do I move my pet overseas?

Just like transporting your automobile overseas, Graebel Van Lines® international coordinators work closely with specialists who can take care of moving your pet to your destination country, making sure that your pet passes that country’s regulations for importing animals.

For any remaining questions you may have in regards to moving internationally, please contact our International Coordinators at 1-877-488-3575.