International Property Protection

An international move is one of the most difficult moves in terms of making sure that your belongings are secure. With Graebel Van Lines®, no matter how much we guarantee that your belongings are in good hands during an international move, whether residential or commercial, we know that peace of mind is the key to a successful move.

When you place your international move in the hands of Graebel Van Lines® international moving coordinators, you can rest assured knowing that your belongings have been securely packaged and carefully protected for travel by truck, railroad, ship, or plane. No matter the distance, our international coordinators have 24/7 tracking on your digitally logged, computer generated inventory. In the event that a mishap occurs, Graebel Van Lines® offers International Property Protection plans that will cover either repair or replacement costs.

Our International Property Protection plans include a shipper protection and corporate account protection for international corporate moves.

Shipper Property Protection plans are broken down into three choices: Itemized Value Inventory, Weight Multiplier, or High-Value Inventory. Depending on whether you are moving a large residence or major corporation internationally, will determine which option is the best for your move. Graebel Van Lines® international moving coordinators suggest that you read the following plans carefully and choose accordingly.

Itemized Value Inventory: If you have opted for the service of having your inventory precisely logged, each item will be given an estimated value. It is important to keep in mind that only items that are logged into inventory can receive an estimated replacement value and be included in the Itemized Value Inventory protection plan. In order to receive the best replacement value quote, be sure to double check your inventory sheet for your most valuable possessions in order to make sure that they are included.

Weight Multiplier: Weight Multiplier protection plans are generally considered to be “lump sum” protection plans, and are the number one recommended international property protection plan by Graebel Van Lines®. This plan takes the weight of your shipment and multiplies it by a set dollar amount. This plan makes sure that all of your belongings are covered.

High-Value Inventory: Aside from the options above, if you are moving your home or business internationally and have anything that is valued above $1,500, it must be listed on the high-value inventory log in order for your international movers to take special care of its packing and transport. The value of these items will be added to your Weight Multiplier plan if you choose that option.

Corporate International Property Protection Plan offered by Graebel Van Lines®:

Comprehensive Coverage: When you are moving your corporation internationally, the team you assign to handle the move will work closely with our international moving coordinators in order to determine the replacement value for your business’ shipment. This plan will cover loss and damage in the form of mold, mildew, malfunction, or physical damage. If your office is moving furniture sets, our comprehensive coverage plans will cover the entire replacement cost of the set, even if only one piece was damaged or lost.