Moving IT Equipment and Servers

Traditional databases are organized using fields, records, and files. Fields are single pieces of information, a record is a complete set of fields, and a file is a collection of records. Traditionally, databases were made in hard, paper copies. But, with the advancement of technology, most of these databases use cloud services as IT databases.

IT databases house some of the most important and complex information for businesses. But moving IT equipment and servers is not as difficult as you may think. With the right amount of preparation and the help of the right IT database moving company, your move will be golden.

Once your facility has decided that you must move, the following course of action can prepare you to move IT equipment securely.

Checklist. This simple paper list can save you time and money when moving an IT database. Your IT equipment moving checklist should include deadlines and list persons appointed with the responsibility of moving tasks during the moving process. Distribute the responsibility evenly throughout your IT team, so that everyone can work together and not get overwhelmed during the IT moving process.

Back it up. In the event that something goes wrong during your move, your company should backup important files as a just-in-case. If you have vendors or lease any IT equipment, inform your contacts of your plans to move IT equipment.

Prepare. Take the time to ensure that the new area for the IT equipment is ready. Check power outlets, paint, even flooring to ensure that after your IT equipment has arrived at the new facility, that it doesn’t need to be moved again because a tile is chipped.

Make sure that you do ample research and ask for a list of references before choosing an IT equipment moving company. The moving company you select should have experience moving IT servers and databases, and they should be able to go through your move in detail, before signing any contracts.

Create a list of preliminary questions to ask your IT mover when they come in person. This collection of questions should include:

  • How do you plan on transporting IT servers?
  • What do you do if this happens?
  • What inventory system do you use to manage all of the IT equipment moved?
  • Can you move IT equipment without losing power?
  • What all is included in the IT database moving cost?
  • Is this IT equipment moving quote a binding quote or a projected estimate which the end cost can vary?
  • Are there any hidden and/or additional fees associated moving IT equipment?

Before selecting an IT equipment moving company, you should receive a minimum of three moving quotes. This will give you some choices and better understand of expectations, pricing, and different options before selecting your IT mover.

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