Moving Your Laboratory Phase I: Proper Planning

For over six decades, Graebel Van Lines have specialized in laboratory moving, developing a process that is proven to properly plan, prepare and carry out the move of your precision instruments, equipment and hazardous materials. In order to have a safe laboratory moving experience, we have created a fail-proof lab move that is broken down into phases. The following information is part of Graebel Van Lines’ Laboratory Moving Phase I: Proper Planning.

Before Graebel Van Lines commences any corporate move, our white-glove moving team holds an organizational meeting in order to discuss your particular laboratory’s moving needs. During this moving assessment, the following information will be gathered:

  • Laboratory moving timeline. Graebel Van Lines knows that every laboratory has different needs and unique components. So, assessing which instruments need to be shut-down first and which ones should be shut down last are an important facet to your move that we will need to know. Graebel Van Lines does not want your lab move to affect your workflow, and our specialized laboratory office movers can make sure that your lab move does not disrupt your company’s efficiency.
  • Conditions for during move and new location setup. Lab moves have to take into account the distance since some chemicals and supplies can possibly soil if kept out of their proper environment. Other aspects to pat attention to during the moving process are: doorways, ceiling heights, elevators and stairwells. If any of those prove to be obstacles for moving your laboratory chemicals and equipment, other methods may need to be discussed and detailed.
  • Inventory. The laboratory movers at Graebel Van Lines will complete a detailed inventory checklist for your lab move. This list should include instruments, accessories, chemicals, samples, hazardous materials, and the instructions for containing, packaging, and moving all of these items.
  • Notify Environment, Health & Safety (EH&S). If you are moving your laboratory, the location needs to be cleared by EH&S for occupancy. You will also need to advise EH&S of the contents of your laboratory and if any special decontamination or removals will be needed.

Graebel Van Lines’ staff are highly trained and specialize in laboratory moving services. Regardless of your laboratory’s contents, we can assess and complete the most efficient and safe course of action for you and your laboratory.