Moving Your Laboratory: Phase II- Pre-Move Lab Preparation

After Graebel Van Lines® has completed Phase I of your laboratory move and has properly assessed your laboratory moving needs, meetings will commence in order to properly prepare all details and materials for your move. Items that should be addressed with your mover before you move your laboratory are:

Prior to moving your laboratory, you will also want to clear any regulatory processes for permits, clearances, or permissions for moving your lab locally, in the state, or out of the state, by local, state, or national government standards. Since the transfer of permits can be a slow process, Graebel Van Lines® suggests that you make this the first priority before your laboratory move can commence.

The creation of a laboratory equipment database to log all chemicals and/or equipment that will be moved and/or sealed and stored. This should essentially be an inventory database that explains how each chemical, material, and piece of equipment should be packaged, stored, and properly transported. Graebel Van Lines® uses bar-coded inventory management to log each of your laboratory items, making this part of the process easy and efficient.

After our laboratory moving specialists have digitally logged your laboratory equipment and materials, they will give guidance for creating a realistic lab move schedule. This will include assessing any special transportation necessities if conducting a cross-border laboratory move.

While our laboratory moving specialists are planning your move down to the very last detail, it is important for your company to prepare your laboratory in any way possible prior to Graebel Van Lines® moving your lab. This would include disposing of all chemicals that are expired or cannot be moved to another facility by a professional laboratory mover. You should also disinfect any work surfaces that may be contaminated with biological agents or biohazardous waste. If your laboratory has Biological Safety Cabinets, they require professional decontamination by a National Sanitation Foundation Accredited Class II Biosafety Cabinet Field Certifier before you can move and re-certify them at a new laboratory location.

Graebel Van Lines® has the proper equipment for packaging and moving chemicals, biological materials and etiologic agents, and radioactive materials.

With primary containers, Graebel Van Lines’® laboratory moving specialists can tightly seal your biological materials to prevent leakage. This includes test tubes, vacutainers, IV bags, and culture flasks. Our movers will then wrap your primary containers with absorbent packing material.

If your laboratory move consists of biological materials that need sealable and break-resistant containers, Graebel Van Lines® will use secondary containers, such as sealable pans and metal ice chests. All primary and secondary containers will be marked with the international Biohazard symbol prior to being loaded onto a moving truck.

Graebel Van Lines’® laboratory moving specialists are fully equipped to handle your laboratory move every step of the way. With over 65 years of corporate moving experience, we can help make your laboratory move as simple as possible. By following the proper planning as detailed in our three Phases to Moving Your Laboratory, your move can go smoothly and efficiently.