With proper planning and laboratory move preparation, Graebel Van Lines® can make the move and post move process as simple and efficient as possible. After Graebel Van Lines’® highly skilled and trained laboratory moving specialists have completed Phase I and Phase II of your lab move, Phase III is the simplest.

During your laboratory move, Graebel Van Lines’® moving specialists will initiate the tracking process for your equipment. This means that everything that was digitally logged for inventory will be tracked during the transport to the new location. Graebel Van Lines® will oversee the proper handling of any Hazmat wastes, chemicals and all laboratory equipment. Under strict supervision, your laboratory can rest assured that all equipment and materials will be handled with formal protocol. Right before the transport commences, your team will want to double check that the new facility is ready to receive you.

If all pre-lab move meetings were successfully detailed, your lab movers should know the proper technique to reassemble all of your equipment. Graebel Van Lines’® laboratory moving specialists will also set your new laboratory up in a way that offers optimal functionality, as well as make sure that we use the proper cooling techniques that you prefer. When it comes to moving a lab, Graebel Van Lines® knows that communication is key and will keep the lines open for any and all direction and sudden changes in the moving plans.

The most difficult aspect of a lab move is reinstalling, re-qualifying, and calibrating each system your lab uses to function. Graebel Van Lines’® laboratory moving specialists can not only move your systems in a way that will allow for the least amount of maintenance, but they can also test the functionality and calibrate your equipment, eliminating as much downtime as possible for your laboratory systems.

After Graebel Van Lines® has finished moving your lab, make sure that your team completes the Multi-vendor Instrument Qualification & Validation Services (IQ OQ PQ) for your laboratory equipment.

Every laboratory move is different, and chances are you will not be moving your laboratory frequently during your career. In the event that your lab does need to move, Graebel Van Lines® will utilize their 65+ years of moving experience in order to move your laboratory as efficiently as possible.  Graebel Van Lines® will alleviate the stress that moving your lab can have on your staff and productivity.