Professional Library Moving Service | Graebel Library Movers

When people think of the moving industry, they typically think of commercial moving or hiring house movers. But what everyone tends to overlook are those specialty moving services that are needed for the moving and transportation of special projects, such as moving a library and how to find qualified, professional library movers.

If you are a school, company, or public library that requires professional library moving services, Graebel Van Lines can help! Our expert library movers have been helping move libraries, laboratories, IT facilities and other unique items and locations for over 65 years. As a trusted in name in the moving industry, rest assured that Graebel’s library movers are the right choice for your special moving needs.

Before moving a library, there are several phases that need to be completed before the library transition can began. The library moving process is as follows:

  1. Consulting
  2. Planning
  3. Scheduling
  4. Execution
  5. Follow-Up

Consulting. Once your facility has decided that you must move your library, a Graebel Van Lines library moving expert will come to meet with you in person. Your library moving professional will explain the Graebel Van Lines’ library moving system; such as: how your books will be handled, the integration and separation of collections, the bar coding system that will be used when moving a library, how our library movers will shelf backlogged material, and more. The moving expert will answer all of your questions and explain our white-glove library moving process in-depth, so that you are sure that our professional library moving company is the best specialty moving company for you.

Planning. After you have decided to use our professional library movers, we will begin the planning phase. Your moving expert will meet with you to discuss:

  • Budget figures
  • Planning, tagging and moving of the library
  • Internal shift – including and not limited to;
    • ADA Compliance
    • Re-flooring and/or re-carpeting
    • Building additions
    • Building alterations
  • Collection segregation and integration
  • Measurement of collections
  • Furniture layouts
  • Coordination of new furniture and shelving installation
  • Floor plan layouts
  • Liaison with architects and contractors

Scheduling. After most of the plans have been agreed upon, our library movers will coordinate with your other vendors and contractors to create a moving timeline. This phase will require flexibility, mostly because the library moving timeline will be contingent on the completion of other projects; like: renovation, construction, remodeling, installation, etc.

To assist with keeping the proposed schedule, Graebel Van Lines’ professional library movers will explain in detail, what our clients will receive from our services and the goals for the project so that we can meet, or exceed, your expectations.

Execution. After all of the plans have been drafted and approved, we will countdown the schedule until we begin moving the library. Our library movers will:

  • Use a barcode system to inventory all items that are moved to match against a master shelf list or library database;
  • Security strip/tag all library equipment;
  • Use other forms of data entry and/or retrospective conversions to document items;
  • Offer temporary or long-term storage solutions during the moving timeline;
  • Offer vacuuming/cleaning services during the library moving process – including:
    • Tanked vacuums for removing dust and/or dirt,
    • Hand cleaning for fragile items,
    • And cleaning electrostatic shelves with specialty cloths;
  • Sort and/or shelf all items moved;
  • And more.

To learn more about Graebel Van Lines’ nationwide moving solutions or to learn more about moving a library with Graebel Van Lines, contact 877-448-3575 today.