Project Management

During any and all moves conducted by Graebel Van Lines®, our project managers will be on site during the phases that need it the most. Graebel Van Lines® often conduct large-scale commercial and industrial moves that are broken down into phases. These require extra oversight and project management professionals in order to ensure that your move goes as efficiently and as organized as promised.

Graebel Van Lines® know that you have bigger things to worry about other than your corporate move – like your business remaining at the top despite the fact that it is undergoing an office switch. Our team of project managers are able to anticipate potential problems during your move in order to ensure that they never happen. While your move is in the hands of Graebel Van Lines® project managers, you can rest easy knowing that your team is free to complete their tasks and make sure that your company stays on their A-game.

Graebel Van Lines® project management team will work closely with construction managers on site at your commercial or industrial location, as well as work with the facility managers and IT staff to make sure that our services are cohesive with theirs and with yours. With proper planning and lines of communication, Graebel Van Lines® project management team can make your move go as seamless as possible, minimizing the potential for interruptions to your operations.

The project management team at Graebel Van Lines® works with moving planners, coordinators, supervisors, and even health and safety control officers to make sure that regardless of your individual moving and project management needs, your move is completed in the most efficient and safest manner. Our project management team utilizes the newest computer technologies to keep a detailed inventory of all of your company furniture, fixtures, and equipment. This same technology then takes your inventory and creates a detailed floorplan and layout for our warehousing staff to then use for a proper storage solution, if needed.

Graebel Van Lines® is an expert in corporate and executive-level moves, which is why our project management team pays close attention to every detail of your move. With over 65 years of experience moving large healthcare, hospitality, and retail businesses, our project management team is comprised of experts in all industries.

Even if you are not an office, corporation, or industry leader, Graebel Van Lines® project management team oversees the completion of large residential moves as well.