Residential Storage

While basic storage is sufficient for a lot of household items, there are numerous benefits of climate controlled residential storage – like that of Graebel Van Lines®.

Climate controlled residential storage is a storage facility that keeps each unit’s indoor temperature between 55-85°F year-round and maintains a constant humidity.

Items that Graebel Van Lines® suggests be kept in climate controlled storage units are:

Wooden furniture

Leather furniture

Household appliances

Collections of coins, stamps, books, and wine

Musical instruments



Important documents



All of the aforementioned items can be damaged in the event that they get wet or suffer the effects of extreme heat and uncontrolled humidity. Since Graebel Van Lines® wants all of your belongings to always be secure, whether you are storing them short-term or long-term, we provide climate controlled storage to ensure that you receive your belongings in the same condition as when they were placed in our care.


The climate controlled residential storage facility at Graebel Van Lines® locations is modern, clean, and secure. The pros to our residential storage facilities are:


Protection from Extreme Temperatures

Strict Humidity Control

Great Air Quality

Protection from the Elements

Peace of Mind


The peace of mind that comes from using one of Graebel Van Lines® residential storage facilities lies in the fact that your belongings are completely out of harm’s way. Our storage facility experts have been trained to store your belongings in an efficient and proper manner, leaving you easy access if you need to retrieve an item.


The residential storage professionals at Graebel Van Lines® suggest that you never store perishable items, hazardous materials, or animals. You also may not have any appliances plugged in and running in your storage unit.


If you are in need of residential storage, contact 1-877-488-3575 today to speak with a residential storage specialist.