Submitting a Request for Proposal for a Corporate Move

Optim Workspace™ is a Graebel Van Lines® Company that coordinates with businesses and major corporations in order to provide workspace solutions for corporate moves and specialty industries. When your business, corporation, or facility has decided that it will be moving, that will result in an RFP.

What is an RFP? – A request for proposal.

Although a request for proposal may sound simple, there are many items in which it outlines the details. An RFP is a solicitation, typically made through a bidding process, where the corporation that is looking to move and hire a workspace solutions company, or expert corporate movers, will request potential moving companies to submit business proposals.

Our workspace solutions company, Optim Workspace™, fulfills RFPs when it comes to moving a major corporation or specialty industry like a medical facility. If you are unsure of everything that your RFP should include, Graebel Van Lines® workspace solutions coordinators have some aspects and key points to a successful RFP for a corporate move.

Requests for proposals are how many professional agencies choose to evaluate an agency that they are looking to hire and do business with, and the bidding process simply means that the agency or corporation will receive a few RFPs to evaluate before coming to a conclusion. Our corporate movers and workspace solutions company work diligently to create a great proposal, since great proposals lead to great working relationships, which then leads to great outcomes during projects.

Regardless of how large or small your agency or corporation may be, our team can help establish clear goals, provide the right details, and lend you useful and important information for your corporate move. Industries that typically submit an RFP to a moving company are: healthcare, hospitality, major corporations, headquarters, large warehouses and distribution centers, the automotive industry, and other large-scale businesses that would require pristine and precise moving services.

A RFP submitted to Optim Workspace™ and Graebel Moving will include, but may not be limited to the following:

A. Administrative Overview
B. Scope of Work
C. Proposal Requirements
D. Statement of Bidder’s Qualifications
E. Evaluation Criteria
F. References
G. Proposal Certification
H. Required Forms
I. Appendix
J. Compliance Agreements
K. Vendor’s Package

If you would like to submit a request for proposal to Optim Workspace™ for a corporate move, no matter how large or small your business or industry, our workspace solutions team can help! Contact us at 1-877-488-3575 or visit us online.