The Ultimate Packing Checklist & Guide for a Successful Move

Packing is the absolute most dreadful part of moving. For those not hiring an expert full-service residential mover to take packing off of your hands, then you are probably looking for some packing tips to streamline the process and eliminate some stress.

Don’t fret, because Graebel Van Lines® is a reputable full-service residential moving company with over six decades of experience in the packing process. Our movers love to help you out, so we have created the ultimate packing checklist and guide for a successful move.

The Ultimate Packing Checklist & Guide:

Documents & Important Papers:

– Medical documents: vaccinations, important prescriptions, diagnosis, x-rays, anything that your future doctor would need to have on hand.

– Car insurance information to transfer.

– Homeowner’s insurance policy.

– Copies of all documents pertaining to your move.

– Copies of all documents pertaining to your old home and new home.

– Passport, visas, driver’s license.

– A list of all memberships and subscriptions so you can transfer or cancel them.

– List of all utility companies you currently have, any remaining balances that need to be paid or transferred.

Personal Items:

– Pack all hygiene products in the same boxes and label them.

– Pack all prescriptions together and keep them out of extreme heat, it helps to pack them last.

– Pack all clothing together, or get creative with packing your clothes by slipping trash bags over your clothes hanging in the closet.

– Sort items like jewelry according to type and place in small sandwich bags.

– Pack all shoes together.

– In case you can use them as extra cushions between large, heavy objects that will be going in your moving truck, pack your towels and linens last.


– The best way to pack electronics is one-by-one.

– Unplug each appliance and if it has numerous cords, like a television does, label each cord and the spot on the device where it connects for easy set up after you finish moving.


– Especially if you have large items, it is always best to hire a residential moving company to help lift and load furniture.

– By hiring a full-service, white-glove moving company, the heavy lifting and furniture disassembly is taken care of.

– If you do not hire local movers and packers, make sure that you break down your furniture as much as possible. This will make it easier to move and prevent corner scratches, as well as damage during transport.


The ultimate packing checklist and guide would not be complete without moving hacks to streamline the process:

– Perhaps the biggest moving tip for a successful move is to hire full-service movers and packers. Full-service movers like Graebel Van Lines® crew already know all the best moving and packing practices, and can pack all of your belongings quickly and in an efficient and organized manner.

– By giving yourself enough time to pack one room per day before your move, the process of packing and moving will be less stressful and more organized.

– You can either pack according to room or according to items. Like packing all kitchen items in boxes and labeling them ‘kitchen.’ Packing room-by-room will allow you to decide which rooms you would like to unpack first.

– Take inventory of your most precious belongings in case you are hiring a residential mover to come and help with the heavy lifting and transport. If you enlist your trust in Graebel Moving, our movers will take digital inventory that allows for 24/7 tracking.