Visas & Immigration Information When Hiring International Movers

Whether you are moving your residence overseas or moving internationally for a job, Graebel Van Lines® has licensed and professional international coordinators who work directly with human resources departments and immigration services in order to make sure that you obtain the proper visas and immigration paperwork prior to your arrival at your new location.

Although Graebel Van Lines® can make your transition abroad easy and seamless by working with HR departments, ensuring that all of your office’s managers, executives, investors, employees, and trainees clear all visa and work authorizations, it is important to know the steps to filing for a work visa and other immigration applications. If you are moving a family member overseas to or from the United States, Graebel Van Lines® can facilitate their visa and passport applications through the use of local immigration specialists in your residential destination.

Regardless of whether you are moving your company overseas or moving your family internationally, Graebel Van Lines® international coordinators will make sure that all documentation and applications are appropriately filed and with their corresponding authorities. But Graebel Van Lines® international moving services don’t stop there – we will even follow up with authorities as necessary, leaving you, your family, or your business no worries.

If you are moving your company internationally to the United States, Graebel Van Lines® would like you to be aware of the work visa process and filings, which are as follows:

After Graebel Van Lines® international coordinators have properly moved you and your belongings to your new residence, if you plan on becoming a United States citizen, the process can be strenuous and long. If you are unclear of the immigration filing process, Graebel Van Lines® has outlined the basics and included resources for obtaining legal citizenship after moving to the U.S. internationally.

According to the U.S. Visas website, most people immigrate to the United States for two reasons: family and business. Once you have filed the correct petition based on your reasoning, the process is as follows:

  • Submit a petition
  • Check priority date after your petition is approved
  • Begin National Visa Center (NVC) Processing
  • Choose an agent, which Graebel Van Lines® international coordinators can help you with
  • Pay any/all associated filing fees and agent fees
  • Collect and submit forms and documents to the NVC
  • Submit visa application form
  • Collect financial documents and all supporting documents to be submitted to the NVC
  • Submit documents to the NVC
  • Attend your scheduled interview
  • View applicant interview online and then await a response

You can view this process’ info-graph and more information online via the NVC website.

Graebel Van Lines® has completed thousands of international moves during our over 65 years of business. Whether you are moving your family or office internationally, our international coordinators are here to make the process as fast and simple as possible, which is why we also provide the best information, straight from the source!