5 Ways to Stay Organized During an Office Move

Moving is one of the most stressful life experiences that a person will have to face during their lifetime. However, moving an office can be an even more herculean task. In order to make your office move simple and stress-free, Optim Workspace™, a Graebel Van Lines® Company, has five easy ways to stay organized during an office move.

  1. Purge office supplies. Completing an office move is the perfect time to get rid of office supplies that have been sitting in a storage closet for a year or longer. Check the expiration dates on all supplies and get rid of all that are expired or no longer functional. Some office supplies, like printer ink and toner cartridges, you should be able to recycle.  Find an efficient way to donate, sell, or recycle your office supplies. If you have the business finances to do so, get rid of as much as possible. Sell office furniture and purchase new items once your office movers have finished moving you into your new location.
  1. Organize all cords. A reputable and professional workspace solutions company will already know to label all cords and, if they are full-service movers, they will complete machine setups and installations at your new office location, eliminating the hassle of your employees fiddling through boxes of cords. If you do not hire the proper movers, one excellent way to stay organized during an office move is to color code and label all machine cords as they are broken down. Label each cord and its corresponding mate in order to make equipment setup simple.
  1. Keep a moving binder. Stay organized during an office move by keeping all documents pertaining to your move in a designated moving binder. Your moving binder is where you should keep your moving estimates, moving proposals, all contracts, inventory logs, organizational charts, timelines, and any additional information pertaining to the office move or new office location.
  1. Gather the essentials. Optim Workspace™ and Graebel Van Lines® are full-service office movers, which means that you never have to pack one box. If you did not opt for a full-service moving plan for your office move, you should start gathering the essential moving supplies at least six months prior to your move date.  Essential supplies that will help you stay organized during an office move are: moving boxes, duct tape, permanent markers, color-coded labels, fire-proof lock boxes for important documents, and moving dollies for hauling heavier items.

Be prepared and organized for your office move by contacting Graebel Van Lines® today to receive an in-office moving estimate!