Optim Workspace Solutions for Healthcare Renovations

Workspace Solutions for Healthcare Renovations & Facility Moves

Making the decision to renovate, expand or replace a healthcare facility is a complicated endeavor, but it is often required to maintain the levels of health and safety standards dictated by a myriad of regulations. Like any other property, healthcare facilities age and require occasional maintenance or full-scale reconstruction in order to remain competitive in their market and adhere to Joint Commission Standards. If a healthcare facility does not enlist in the services of a professional healthcare workspace solutions company, such as Optim Workspace™, a Graebel Van Lines® company, these projects can adversely affect daily hospital functions.

Since roughly 2009, healthcare construction has needed to adapt at a rapid pace. With insufficient hospital beds to accommodate the aging population and facilities becoming outdated each year as new technological advances and breakthroughs are made, healthcare renovations, additions, and expansions are going to rapidly increase over the next 30 years. In fact, healthcare renovations are going to increase at such an alarming rate that they will serve as the major source of income for construction firms.

Some of the best specialty construction companies that focus on healthcare facility renovations, expansions, and new building construction unanimously agree that the number one priority in new construction or renovation is to minimize the impact to daily service delivery. The goal is to expand upon the facility’s needs, while mitigating the amount of disruption. Specialty construction companies and related contractors should work hand-in-hand with the facility’s transition team to develop a detailed project plan ensuring that all affected parties have input.  Engaging an experienced healthcare workspace solutions team will allow each facet of the associated move or construction to be seamless.

As a healthcare construction company and contractor embarking on a new project, it is important to be more than just aware of the amount of potential disruption the project may cause.  These disruptions can cause interference with not only daily practices, but equipment as well. If necessary, departmental moves may need to be conducted until construction is completed.
Optim Workspace Healthcare Renovations
When undergoing a renovation, transfers to temporary sites are extremely common when a facility is not able to provide continued services due to the nature or magnitude of the project. The key determinations in these transfers are: meeting the patient’s needs and maintaining continuity of care. Prior to the transfer, a professional healthcare moving company will coordinate with the transition team to ensure that the affected departments are involved in developing both a schedule and an inventory of items to be transported. It is imperative that special accommodations for high value equipment and HIPAA controlled information are considered.

Since safety is key, the healthcare moving team will coordinate efforts to transport all items in the most logical manner possible. The moving team, workspace solutions coordinators, construction crew, and other related contractors should be well aware not to disturb or turn off any utilities, as they may disrupt the remaining operations.

During a healthcare renovation or move, it may be necessary to barcode and track all items.  Utilizing state of the art technology, workspace professionals such as Optim™ will result in a seamless move, minimizing disruption to the construction process, patients and staff. If storage is required, all inventory will be tracked in a web based Warehouse Management System (WMS).

Optim™ Workspace is a reputable hospital moving and logistics company. With over 60 years’ experience in specialty moves and logistics, such a hospitals and medical facilities, our professional team of workspace solution professionals can make your hospital move simple. Our hospital moving logistics team will meet with your medical staff, construction coordinators, contractors, and other key players to ensure maximum communication that is necessary for a stress-free hospital move.


For more information on conducting a healthcare renovation, addition, or expansion with a focus on patient care and efficiency, contact Optim™ Workspace to speak with a healthcare workspace solutions expert about our extensive experience and proven approach.