The Hotel Renovation Logistics Plan

Workspace Solutions are an Integral Part of Hotel Renovation Logistics

In 1929, a showcase hotel was built in Waterloo, Iowa and was named Hotel President. For the past 45 years, the historical hotel has been known around Waterloo as Park Towers Apartments and has gone relatively untouched. Earlier this year, a $12 million plan was proposed and passed in order to refurbish Hotel President from top to bottom, restoring the building to its original condition. With due diligence between developers and relocation workspace solutions specialists, several floors have already been renovated and the former hotel in its entirety should be complete before year’s end without permanently displacing any current residents.

Occupied renovations or new hotel FF&E installations are a colossal undertaking that requires weeks of tedious planning and preparation by a reputable, experienced team of experts. If not executed by a professional hospitality moving logistics team like that of Optim Workspace, a Graebel Van Lines company, a hotel move or renovation can quickly become disastrous and cause lost revenue opportunities for the property.


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In order to ensure a seamless hotel move or renovation, an experienced Hospitality installation team will craft, outline, and detail a custom tailored logistics plan to suit your hotel’s specific needs and desires. The hotel logistics plan provided by seasoned hospitality installers will include, but not be limited to the following:

Partial or Full Floor Closure For Renovation Projects

FF&E liquidation and installation durations will be reviewed to determine the least amount of rooms per floor that need to be shut down to accommodate hotel renovation.  Work times and hours should be defined to limit interruption to guests at the property.

New FF&E Installation on New Properties

Qualified and experienced Hospitality installers will take into consideration new construction schedules by floor including certificate of occupancy to determine the best logistical plan to install FF&E in conjunction with the General Contractor on site.   Freight elevator coordination, potential parking permits for truck deliveries all should be coordinated with the General Contractor on site to ensure a seamless delivery.

The most successful Hospitality installation teams can provide turnkey services and a complete hotel logistics plan including freight management, warehousing, FF&E (furniture, fixtures, and equipment) installation, and OS&E (operating supplies and equipment) coordination and“Room in Box” assembly for quick deployment and hand off to Housekeeping for final room set up.

Digital Inventory

Hotel logistics plans include digital inventory and tracking on all of your equipment, fixtures, furniture, and office supplies, as well as create a digital storage floorplan using a computer-generated system – for a technologically advanced hotel move and storage solution. Customer receiving reports and delivery reports are available real time.

Seamless Logistics

Since the hotel logistics planning team understands that every hotel move or renovation can differ tremendously, your specific plan will go into extensive customized detail following meetings and significant planning and communication.

The Environmental, Health, and Safety department has taken measures over the years in order to protect workers, guests, and the Earth from dangerous chemicals and practices involved in projects that reduce waste and operating costs. Your hotel logistics plan will incorporate these measures in order to ensure the safety of your hotel guests and staff during renovations or the moving process.

Energy Conservation
Another major facet to your hotel logistics plan is energy. Over the past 15 years, hotel companies have worked diligently to implement and enforce programs to reduce the waste generated and energy used in their daily operations, which is why a logistics and planning team creates plans that are not only customized to suit your hotel’s size and occupancy, but also that meet and maintain the criterion in your energy conservation plans.

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Hotel sustainability plans should be looked at as a tool and philosophy for every aspect of your move and hospitality functions. In order to be successful in saving both resources and money, as well as maintaining an environmentally appealing atmosphere for your guests, Optim Workspace, a Graebel Van Lines® Company, makes sustainability an integral part of its hotel logistics plans. Your hotel logistics planning team will discuss sustainability with your Operations team and Procurement managers for the duration of time that your hotel move or renovation is underway. The hotel logistics planning team can assist in reevaluating your current organizational structure to make sure that practices are up-to-date and continue to be effective while your move is being completed.

Are you a Supply Chain Manager seeking assistance with your hotel’s move or renovation? For more information on proper hospitality logistics planning, contact Optim™ Workspace to touch base with a workspace solutions coordinator.