Creating an Office Move Project Plan Tailored for Your Business

An office mover that creates an office move project plan tailored for your business is not hard to find. However, what is difficult to find is a moving company that executes their plan in order to make your office move as simple as possible.

Graebel Van Lines® has been custom-tailoring office move project plans for over six decades. During that time, our team of moving experts have not only created plans for moving libraries, moving laboratories, moving warehouses and distribution centers, but also executing plans in an efficient, streamlined manner that returns your office to normalcy is as little time as possible.

Creating an office move project plan tailored to your business will contain the following basic criteria, with custom criteria added after an in-office moving estimate and inspection. The following is a broken-down list of the basic criteria for a successful office move.

Basic Office Move Project Plan Template: (set a date for each task)

For the Moving Project Coordinator:

  • Determine your office moving needs
  • Research office moving companies
  • Complete office moving request form
  • Send Request for Proposal to receive bids
  • Interview office moving companies
  • Onsite walk through with each office mover
  • Confirm office move date
  • Review all bids
  • Select office moving company
  • Be onsite on moving day and oversee the moving company’s office move project plan deliverables

For the Office Moving Company:

  • Confirm all moving supplies
  • Confirm inventory to be placed in storage, if necessary.
  • Confirm all contract details and pricing
  • Confirm list of all business contacts to reach, as needed
  • Move furniture
  • Install furniture
  • Tear down network equipment and servers
  • Unhook all equipment from network ports
  • Ensure that all office equipment is broken down properly and in cooperation with specifications from the agency
  • All items should be labeled corresponding with their partnered pieces
  • Perform a walk around to secure no items were missed before transport
  • Properly package all items
  • Transport all server and network related items to the new location and begin setup
  • Verify that all technology is connected and working again

If your business requires a complex office move project plan, Optim Workspace™ and Graebel Van Lines® can make it easy to execute. Your office move project plan should flow in an organized manner as it would for every other office move, but specialty tasks and detailed side-notes may be added where necessary. Graebel Van Lines® and Optim Workspace™ work hand-in-hand to create the best office move project plan designed to eliminate downtime in your office and daily business functions. Contact us today for an at-office moving estimate, or send us a Request for Proposal for a more detailed outline of how our expert office movers will carry out your office move.