Commercial Moving Tips

Graebel Van Lines® has been completing commercial moves for nearly seven decades. Our commercial movers are dedicated and highly trained to complete your commercial move with ease and precision. Although our commercial movers offer a full-service move from start to finish, door-to-door, if you do not opt for full-service moving services, there are certain items that many businesses forget to check or incorporate into their moving checklist. In order to make your move go as smooth as possible, be sure to check the following commercial moving tips before you depart to your new location.

  1. All desks are empty.
  2. Supply cabinets are empty.
  3. File cabinets are empty.
  4. Breakable items are professionally packed by your commercial movers
  5. Computers and machines are disconnected and labeled with their corresponding cords and connections for easy setup.
  6. All spare keys are turned in to property management.
  7. Make sure that all items are taken off of the walls; if you own the office décor.
  8. Place “do not move” tags on items that your commercial movers should not take.
  9. Toss or shred any stationary or office supplies that have your old location listed on it, or allow your employees to use it for personal office use until it is all used up, but save the new stationary for handing out to guests and clients.
  10. Make sure that you have the electricity and internet in your new office turned on before your commercial movers arrive there to move things in.

Graebel Van Lines® commercial movers take the stress out of moving your business or office location by providing moving services or simple commercial moving tips for you to take on the task yourself. No matter if you are moving near or far, our commercial moving company can take care of all of the aforementioned tasks for you. Moving a business office can be more of a headache than moving a home, and in order to make sure that nothing gets left behind, it is best to hire a reputable commercial moving company with dedicated and unmatched services like full-service commercial moving. For more information on commercial moving, contact Graebel Van Lines® or Optim Workspace™ today.