Corporate Moving Expenses

If there ever comes the time that you consider moving for a job, there is an abundant number of things that you need to take into consideration in terms of corporate moving expenses. First and foremost, does the company that you are moving for have the resources and capital to take care of the move for you? Depending on your situation, you should only move for a job if that company is going to handle your moving expenses 100%. If you are moving to a large company, they most likely have corporate moving packages worked into their system; this should all be discussed and negotiated if the company is interested in hiring you.

Graebel Van Lines® has been working with large corporations for over 65 years, creating custom corporate moving packages for new hires and seasoned executives. Corporate moving expenses are not to be taken lightly if you are considering moving for a job. The following are all of the corporate moving expenses that you can expect.

  1. Selling and buying a home, including closing costs
  2. Renting a temporary home or apartment while searching for a permanent residence
  3. Moving household furniture, goods, and personal belongings
  4. Hiring a corporate moving company (if the company is not paying for your move)
  5. Lease cancellation fees
  6. Realtor fees and closing costs
  7. Temporary storage if necessary
  8. Auto transport
  9. Airfare, ground transportation, mileage expenses
  10. Employment for spouses, downtime pay assistance
  11. Higher cost of living differentials
  12. Utility service cancellation and/or switch

Corporate moving expenses will vary depending on how far you are moving and where to, as well as how much your new employer agrees to cover. Graebel Van Lines® corporate moving company recommends that all employees and execs evaluate their particular situation and use the aforementioned expenses to negotiate the terms of what the employer will and will not cover.

Corporations may offer to pay a portion or all of an employee’s transfer costs. However, keep in mind that these transfer costs may come with limitations like timeframes. Corporate moving companies recommend that you retain all documentation, including receipts and vouchers, as well as invoices or bills that pertain to your corporate moving expenses, so that you can either get them covered by your new employer or use as tax deductions.

If your employer does not have a corporate moving package already in place, but they agreed to pay for your move and you are looking for a corporate moving company, contact Graebel Van Lines® for more information. If you are a corporation looking to create a corporate moving package for your new hires or current execs, contact one of our corporate moving specialists today to start drafting a custom corporate moving plan.