Equipment Movers

The primary concern for those who have purchased heavy equipment or machinery is moving the item from one place to another. Whether you own heavy equipment stored in your garage at home and need it transported during a residential move, are looking to move equipment into storage, or own a large corporation with warehouses full of heavy equipment, our equipment movers are a top choice among leading professionals across the nation.

Graebel Van Lines® has over six decades of experience completing large-scale commercial moves and industrial moves that require the moving and transport of heavy equipment and industrial materials.

Typically, for really large machinery that needs to be moved, corporations hire the help of “riggers” – also known as machinery movers. Graebel Van Lines® machinery movers have helped thousands of companies move their equipment with ease and precision. Since machinery is heavy, our equipment movers have all of the necessary tools for making lifting easier, faster, and eliminate possibility of damage.

After hiring professional equipment movers, they should have the following kit of essentials:

* Hydraulic jacks

* Automotive floor jacks

* An assortment of crowbars for lifting machine bases

* Dollies

* Wide canvas straps

* A come-a-long (hand operated winch with a ratchet)

* Half-ton chain hoist

* Climbing rope

The biggest challenge that equipment movers face is stairs and basements. If your warehouse or corporation has a basement filled with unused equipment to move, the flight of stairs is going to be a challenge for equipment movers, but it is doable.

More complications may arise if there is no place to anchor a rope or hoist from the ceiling in order to secure a heavy load.

Graebel Van Lines® equipment movers will come to your location, assess your machinery and heavy equipment, assess the building structure, then plan a course of action and tools needed in order to complete the moving process with ease and efficiency. By assessing an equipment move beforehand, our movers are able to give a more accurate quote for your move. An efficient equipment move is one where the machinery can be easily unbolted into manageable pieces for easy carry. For a more complicated move, professional, industrial equipment movers may come prepared with a powered lift gate, also known as a stair climbing hand truck in order to tackle stairs with ease.

Contact us today for more information on how Graebel Van Lines® equipment movers can move your personal or industrial machinery.