Hiring a Professional Moving Company for a Corporate Move

If you thought residential moves were stressful, Graebel Van Lines® has a surprise for you; Corporate moves are way more stressful. Here at our professional corporate relocation service, we realize that you may not have control over many aspects of the corporate move because there are certain guidelines put in place by your company. Most people are completely unprepared to get ready for a corporate move. This unfamiliarity can cause added stress and headaches.

During a corporate move, it is important now more than ever to follow a cohesive and comprehensive office-moving plan.

Corporate Move Preparations.

The most important aspect of a corporate move is to plan everything out as far in advance as possible. Corporations are mostly about making money, so if they are in the midst of corporate move, then they are not making money. The primary goal during a corporate move is to be cost-efficient. The main way to achieve this goal is to be time efficient. To get a head start on the corporate moving process, allot yourself at least three months to prepare for the move.


Communication is of the utmost importance when it comes to corporate moves. Make sure everyone involved in the move is aware of every detail. Everyone should be aware of the moving plan you developed before any work is carried out. Be sure to label all of the furniture and equipment that is to be moved. The easier and more understandable you make the move, the more successful the execution.

Items to be Moved.

All of the items that are usually stored inside of bookcases, cabinets, shelves, desks, or wall units should be packed securely in boxes.

  • Employees should all be responsible for their own personal items.
  • All desk contents should be packed neatly into boxes.
  • Security files should be properly and safely transported during a corporate move.


Make sure to get rid of as much just as possible before the actual day of your corporate move. The more you throw away the less you will have to pack, haul, and then unpack.


Be sure to examine the office building that you will be moving into before your corporate move. Make a special note of the elevators and if it will be possible to reserve one for your corporate move. If there are no elevators, make sure to tell your corporate moving company beforehand.