Industrial Movers

Graebel Van Lines® industrial moving program is well-established among leading corporations and even government entities across the nation. With over 65 years of experience completing large-scale commercial moves, our professional moving staff provides an excellent moving experience and a streamlined, organized process that comes unmatched by any other moving company. If your corporation is looking for industrial movers to handle equipment and large inventory, our movers can make the process easy.

Out industrial movers offer the following commercial moving, office moving, and industrial moving services:

  • Organization and Planning. Optim Workspace™ is a Graebel Van Lines® Company that specializes in workspace solutions and management. During a corporate move, our industrial movers will work closely with planning and management teams, as well as enlist in the help of our workspace consultants in order to draft the best course of action for your move. The organization and planning of an industrial move will be extremely detailed, even down to inventory organization for optimal transport conditions and a streamlined process that leaves as little downtime to business as possible.
  • Local, Intrastate, Interstate, and National Moving. Graebel Van Lines® has all proper licensing, certifications, and exceeds the requirements and expectations for industrial movers who move businesses locally, intrastate, interstate, and even nationwide. No matter how far you may be taking your business, Graebel Van Lines® can take you there and make sure that all of your belongings are safe.
  • On-Site Management. The industrial movers at Graebel Van Lines® have been in the moving industry for over six decades and provide the best on-site management for corporate moves.
  • Industrial Equipment Handling. Industrial moving requires special attention to heavy equipment, electronics, computers, and server rooms. Our industrial movers have all of the proper equipment for moving heavy industrial equipment with ease, as well as IT moving experience that allows them to move electronics, computers, and server rooms with precision for easy setup at the new location.
  • Digital Inventory Tracking. Graebel Van Lines® uses digital inventory tracking for all large-scale office moves and commercial moves. By digitally logging each item with a barcode, we can easily track all items during transport and better predict arrival times, making sure to not lose a single item. Our digital inventory tracking may also be used for storage and asset management if your industrial move requires short or long-term storage due to new location constrictions or moving timelines.
  • Complete Installation. Graebel Van Lines® industrial movers do not simply pack and move office items. Our team offers industrial moving services that take complete care of the logistics and moving process from step one all the way to final setup at your new corporate location. Full-service industrial movers will properly uninstall all programs, systems, software, computers, electronics, pack them in an organized manner that makes installation and setup simple. All furniture, industrial equipment, and even casegoods reconfigurations will be completed by Graebel Van Lines®.

Graebel Van Lines® is dedicated to providing the best industrial moving experience possible. Regardless of your industry or the size of your corporation, business, or office, our industrial movers can make your move easy and provide moving services that you can trust.