Library Movers

Moving an entire library is no easy feat. Graebel Van Lines® has over 65 years of experience as a commercial, residential, and specialty moving company that handles complex moves like libraries with ease and organization for a streamlined process. Our library movers are experts at moving facilities with a lot of valuable documents and can make it simple for your library.

If you are an educational institution, public, or private library and are looking for moving services, Graebel Van Lines® can help. Our team of expert library movers have worked with directors of public libraries and directories of libraries at research intensive facilities in order to perfect and streamline the process of moving a library for all clients, no matter how large or small.

Graebel Van Lines® library movers have consulted library moves for a few thousand to nearly millions of items and have been responsible for many space planning and library design projects, through our sister company, Optim Workspace™.

The most important aspect of a library move is analyzing the volume of items to be moved, then determine a way to move them. Unlike ordinary moving processes, library movers use numerous methods for moving a library, like moving stacks, boxes, book carts, or move carts.

Moving Stacks. Stack movers can be used to move an entire stack of books without removing the books. Stack movers have a vertical arm with a clamp at the top and wheels at the bottom, which makes it easy to grab an entire stack of books and wheel them to another area of the library, another range, or onto a moving truck for easy moving without losing the organization of the books. Moving stacks are often used when the library is undergoing construction and simply needs all books in a designated area to be moved temporarily.

Boxes. When library movers have to use boxes to move books, extreme planning should go into the number of times boxes have to be stacked and restacked, as they are heavy and every restacking increases the possibility that the books will get out of order – making it more difficult to unpack and assemble at a new facility or new area or range of the library.

Book Carts. Book carts are a great choice for moving a library because they keep all of the books in a section in order. If you are moving a library and already have book carts, you can suggest that your library movers use them in order to save on moving costs; however, you must have enough book carts in order to get the job done. In order to keep the books secure on the cart during transport, professional library movers will shrink-wrap each cart, if necessary. If the book carts are slanted, it may not be necessary to shrink-wrap them. Book carts are great for moving a library because you can attach a card pocket to one end of each cart and use the sequence card numbering system. However, professional library movers like Graebel Van Lines® and Optim Workspace™ will typically use a digital inventory and tracking system for large libraries in order to keep every book accounted for during packing, transport, and reassembly.

Move Carts. Move carts are the very best way to move a library with efficiency, especially when on a time crunch. Several nationwide library movers will offer the option to rent move carts if you choose to move a library using your staff and volunteers. Otherwise, library movers will use them as part of their full-service library moving option and rate. The only downside to using move carts for a library move is that they have to be forklifted onto a moving truck and cannot be rolled up a ramp; they can be, but it is very dangerous and not recommended in any scenario.

Knowing the logistics behind your library move will help you determine which type of moving services are needed. Library movers can help make your move simple, stress-free, and organized. To learn more about moving a library with Graebel Van Lines®, contact 877-448-3575 today.