Moving Tips for Surviving A Cross Country Move

Moving across the country is a task in which it is crucial that you are prepared for. If you are making a move that requires a few days of driving, your cross country movers at Graebel Van Lines® are here to help. We have compiled a short list of moving tips for anyone traveling a long distance to reach the destination of their new home.

Plan Ahead of Time – Consider your moving date and make sure it is flexible. There are times when extraneous things may come up, which may cause you to postpone your moving date. It is important to consider what the temperature will be like around your moving dates. It would be an awful time to relocate during a harsh winter or scorching hot summer.

Map Out Your Route – Although your cross country movers have an amazing sense of direction, it never hurts to map out your route. Although it may be fun to get lost sometimes, it is important you know exactly where you are going as far as which roads to take and where you can stop and stay, if you need to.

Stop and See Friends – If you have friends on the way, it is definitely beneficial to swing by their places. Not only do you get to take a nice break from the monotony of driving, but you get a nice change of scenery and some good conversation to boost your happiness.

Selling or Giving Away Things Before You Go – This is one of the biggest moving tips that you always hear but never truly consider. Some cross country movers charge by weight, while others charge by size of truck, distance, etc. When you sell or give away things you no longer need, you are saving time, money, space, and stress.

Do Not Push Yourself Too Hard – One of the most important moving tips from your cross country movers is to take things easy. Moving cross country is exhausting, so make sure you are not pushing yourself to drive longer than you should be. It is okay to be tired – take a rest. If you do not feel like stopping at a hotel on the way, take a long lunch or do anything that can allow for you to rest and recover so you can continue driving. If you are taking the trek with another traveler, switching drivers about every 2-3 hours works out well, regardless of if the trip is 15 hours or 40.

Moving such a long distance is a great, big adventure, and Graebel Van Lines®, your cross country movers, are here every step of the way! Contact us today.