Moving Your Pet Long Distance

If you are moving with your pet across the country, or even just a few hours away, it is important you are taking every aspect into consideration when it comes to their wellbeing. Your pets are members of your family, so they should be able to have a stress-free move just like you. Graebel Van Lines®, your long distance moving company, wants you to consider the following factors when moving with your pet.

The ride can get tiresome. Your long distance move may take a bit longer when you are moving with your pet. You need to be taking an adequate amount of potty breaks and time for everyone to allow for their legs to stretch, including your pets.

Stopping and staying somewhere. Because the trip is going to be longer, you will need to find places to stay along the way that accommodate pets. There are many nationwide chains of hotels that accept pets. You can contact Holiday Inn, La Quinta, and Comfort Inn; just to name a few.

Microchipping your pet. If you want to take great precaution, you should get your pet microchipped. Call the microchipping company to make sure they have all of the correct information attached to the chip.

Getting them accustomed to the crate. Set up a comfortable crate in your home far before moving with your pet to allow them to get them used to it. Associate the crate with good feelings, like feeding or sleeping. This way, they are more comfortable and willing to stay in the crate when it is time for the big day.

There are things you must bring. In order to remember all of the essentials you need when moving with your pet, it is beneficial to follow a list. Your long distance moving company has compiled one for you:

  • Certificate of health
  • ID tags
  • Their favorite toys
  • Food
  • Water
  • Bowls for their food and water
  • Crate or another vehicle safety restraint
  • Favorite blanket, cushion, or their pet bed
  • Any medications they need
  • Bags to pick up their waste
  • A current photo of them just in case they get lost
  • Leashes
  • Collars

Stay calm. If you feel as if you are getting stressed, chances are that your pet is picking up on that, too. It is crucial you stay as calm as possible throughout the entire relocation to keep your pets at ease.

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