Proactive Moving Checklist

If you are having trouble or have been feeling a bit uneasy about packing and moving long distance, you are in luck. Graebel Van Lines® is here to provide you with a proactive moving checklist to kick start your move, far before you are even out of the house.

6 Weeks Before Your Move:
Collecting estimates from long distance moving companies or asking your family and friends to help you when you are moving long distance at the end of the following month.
– Budgeting for all of your moving expenses.
– If you have the layout of your house, you should be planning on where all of your belongings will go.

5 Weeks Before Your Move:
– Making appointments with your long distance moving company.
– Decluttering the house to make it easier to pack when moving long distance.
– Donate, discard, or sell any of your unwanted items.
– Begin eating your canned goods to save some weight in your moving boxes.

4 Weeks Before Your Move:
– Collecting packing supplies, such as boxes, tape, and markers or stickers to label boxes.
– Contacting your utility services, such as your electricity, water, cable, and internet.

3 Weeks Before Your Move:
– Organizing and assigning colors or different labels to your boxes and furniture, not only for your Graebel Van Lines long distance movers, but also for yourself. It is important to stay organized throughout the entire move. Mark boxes with specific colors and whether they are fragile, or if they should be loaded first or last.
– Packing up items that you do not use on a day-to-day basis.
– Scheduling cleaning services for each of your houses, new and old.
– Make a “Moving Folder” with all of your important paperwork in regards to both houses as well.

2 Weeks Before Your Move:
– Packing most of your things away.
– Notifying your accounts that you are moving long distance, such as the post office for an address change, your bank and credit card companies, insurance company, pharmacy, doctors, and other important services.

1 Week Before Your Move:
– Packing all of your necessities as if you are going out of town, Graebel Van Lines suggests packing some casual clothes, toiletries, medications, and other items you need on a regular basis.
– Purchasing moving insurance.
– Doing a walk-through of your entire house to make sure you have everything packed away.

On Moving Day:
– Holding on to your necessities, such as the moving folder and your packed travel bag.
– Helping your movers to expedite the process.
– Locking all of your windows and doors, making sure everything is spotless before you depart on your move.