Professional Spa Movers

There are plenty of searches online for “how to move a hot tub”, but if you own a spa and wellness center, you likely are not looking for a simple DIY fix when it comes to moving. Graebel Van Lines® has been in the business of moving specialty industries for over 65 years. Our decades of experience moving spas and health and wellness centers is what makes our spa movers the top in the nation.

Whether you are a first time spa owner, or are opening or moving a spa to a new location, it is important to know the basics. Spa movers know that priorities lie in the spa treatments offered, the retail supplied, the spa equipment, and finding the perfect location and vendor. Graebel Van Lines® and Optim Workspace™ can coordinate the logistics of your spa move in order to make the new space function in the most efficient manner possible.

Since most spa equipment comes straight from the manufacturers, Graebel Van Lines® spa movers can coordinate with spa owners for the pickup and transport of new equipment from the manufacturer to the new location. If you own a large spa and are simply moving existing equipment, our spa movers know the proper techniques for draining, tilting, and lifting heavy spas for transport without damage.

If you are opening your very first spa, our spa movers recommend checking with local and state licensing and regulatory offices to find out what licenses are required for each service that your spa will offer, before purchasing equipment from a manufacturer. After proper licensing is obtained, then you may purchase corresponding equipment for spa movers to pick up and install at your new location.

Graebel Van Lines® spa movers never recommend trying to move hot tubs and spas by yourself. Even if you enlist a group of employees to help move a hot tub, the chances of it resulting in injury are high. Most spas and hot tubs weigh around 1,000 pounds, making it impossible for a group of individuals to move without proper equipment. When you own a spa that has a handful of hot tubs and heavy baths like copper tubs, leave the heavy lifting to professional spa movers in your area.

After all hot tubs, spas, copper tubs, and large spa equipment has been prepared for moving, spa movers will digitally log and track retail inventory and supplies. Graebel Van Lines® spa movers use a digital inventory system that allows for real-time updates and continual tracking of all items. Our expert spa movers, equipment, and computerized tracking system has allowed us to carry out thousands of commercial moves with ease – making moving a spa simple and hassle-free.