Restaurant Movers: Logistics for Moving or Expanding

If you are a successful restaurateur with a chain of restaurants, when moving one of your restaurant locations to another, it is best to enlist in the services from professional restaurant movers in your area. Restaurant moves are not like a typically commercial move, they require precision and detail in order to make sure that all expensive operating equipment remains intact and unharmed during transport.

The restaurant movers at Graebel Van Lines® have over 65 years of experience moving restaurants to nearby cities and neighborhoods, or clear across the country. Regardless of whether you own a small mom and pop diner or a chain of five-star steakhouses, Graebel Van Lines® restaurant movers provide a pristine moving experience that comes unmatched. Our moving professionals provide restaurateurs with the proper logistics for carrying out a restaurant move.

Location. The famous phrase “Location, Location, Location” holds true for restaurants. If your goal is to move your restaurant out of the small neighborhoods and into the bigger nearby city so that it can have a pristine location, keep in mind that location does not always mean choosing a popular location. Depending on your finances, choosing the right location could mean choosing a not-so-popular, yet affordable location. Location is about where your restaurant can thrive monetarily and demographically. Choose a location that allows you to have higher profits rather than going lease-broke and utility poor, as insurance rates may increase as well.  Restaurant movers suggest that you keep in mind that an expensive location may mean that you come out equal in profits when compared to your current location. Finding a cheaper location may mean more profits.

Logistics. Most restaurateurs dread the logistics of moving, so leave it to the professionals. If you are moving an established restaurant in order to have a bigger space, save money, move to a bigger market, or build an additional location to expand your franchise, professional restaurant movers can take over the logistics from start to finish while you focus on changing your address, creating a moving press release, and coordinating with staff on the move and hiring for the new location. Leave your restaurant move to reputable restaurant movers like Graebel Van Lines®, who will transfer your countless tables, chairs, heavy commercial kitchen equipment, and POS systems with ease.

The number one reason why restaurant movers are a must for the moving process is heavy commercial kitchen equipment. Heavy commercial kitchen equipment like ice machines and commercial ovens can weigh as much as 350 pounds, if not more. Restaurant movers will arrive ready and fully equipped with specialty moving equipment to make moving your industrial restaurant equipment simple.

With the help of restaurant movers, your business can have less downtime in the moving process. Ideally, moving a restaurant should take as little time as possible, and by using restaurant movers, you can focus on the business aspects of your move rather than the move itself.

For more information on restaurant moving services or for a moving quote, contact Graebel Van Lines® today.