Saving Money When Moving Long Distance

Whether you are traveling near or far, moving is an exciting adventure, to say the least. However, with the change of scenery comes a slight change in your bank account as well. Being in the business for over 65 years, Graebel Van Lines®, your long distance moving company, has figured out a few measures to help cut costs on your move. We suggest implementing these budget-friendly tips for saving money when moving!

Make a Moving Budget – One of the easiest ways to go about saving money when moving is to make a moving budget. Do your research and jot down your estimates on an easily accessible sheet, and also the actual costs as you are spending. This way, you are completely aware of how much money you are spending throughout the entire moving process.

Generate Extra Income – Selling unwanted things is a way to make easy money. You can hold a yard sale or post a few of your items on Craigslist. Not only does selling your things generate extra cash, but also reduces your general bulk of things so you are moving with less stuff. You can also cash in all of the extra change and bills you find while packing and cleaning out your house. Or, your long distance moving company suggests using that extra change for your tolls on your drive.

Use Up Your Gift Cards – Like the extra income you may find in your house, gift cards are essentially like free money. Your long distance moving company suggests using up all of your gift cards on your food and gas before swiping your credit card.

Search for Free Packing SuppliesMany liquor, retail, and grocery stores will give away their old boxes for free. Check out their inventory, and even call ahead of time before their shipment arrives to insure you will receive them so they do not throw them away.

Use a Professional Long Distance Moving CompanyIf you have a lot of items that may deem difficult to move, such as heavy furniture, hiring professional movers is the way to go. Although you will be spending money on movers, this will save you time, and the possibility of breaking things or getting hurt.

Bring Your Own Food on the Drive – One of the greatest ways to go about saving money when moving is with food. Unless you are traveling long distance in a RV, being without a kitchen means going out to eat for every meal while in route to your destination. To keep your food costs down, utilize all of the food that was in your pantry, prior to moving. You can also choose to stay at hotels that offer continental breakfasts for free, or hotels with kitchenettes to prepare some of the food from your pantry.

With a bit of planning and preparation, Graebel Van Lines®, your long distance moving company, knows you can make the most out of saving money when moving! If you are in need of professional, white-glove movers, contact us today.