Tips for Moving Cross Country While Pregnant

Packing up all of your belongings and moving across the country probably does not sound very appealing, especially if you are expecting. In order to make moving while pregnant as bearable as possible, the cross country movers at Graebel Van Lines® have compiled a list of tips for moving while pregnant.

  1. Do not lift heavy objects. When it comes to lifting heavy objects like furniture and moving boxes while pregnant, it is best to follow the directions of your doctor. Tell he/she that you are moving and what they recommend. If you do hire a moving company, they may tell you to not help regardless, in order to avoid any liability. Leave the heavy lifting to the cross country movers at Graebel Van Lines® for a simple and stress-free move while pregnant.
  1. Pack snacks. Eating for two can make you hungrier than you expect. Pack healthy snacks so that you have plenty of food during your move.
  1. Plan the other moving aspects. Everyone wants to have their own part in the moving process. If you are pregnant, whether you choose your new home, new furniture, new décor, or simply coordinate the utilities, finding schools and daycares, and finding new physicians, there are plenty of things that you can do to contribute to the move while not adding too much stress or physical strain.
  1. Maintain a level of comfort. The cross country movers at Graebel Van Lines® suggest opting for a full-service, white-glove moving service to coordinate, pack, transport, and unpack everything for you, even piece back together your furniture at your new home for you. When moving cross country while pregnant, be sure to dress comfortably and keep everything you may need on hand.
  1. Pack an essentials bag. You may have some items that you want to keep on hand when moving cross country while pregnant. On moving day, pack a bag with your prescriptions, food, snacks, lotion, agendas, books, water, tea, or anything else that will keep you calm and organized. Our expert cross country movers suggest packing plenty of supplies to last you at least a few days for your convenience. An emergency bag like this will allow you to avoid digging through boxes, or having nothing on hand if you hired a moving company and do not have your belongings with you. If your due date is coming up, make sure this emergency bag doubles as a hospital bag so you are packed and ready to go, although your doctor will most likely advise that you do not move cross country so close to your due date, so plan accordingly.