The Best Methods of Transporting an Automobile

Here at Graebel Van Lines®, we know that when people think about transporting an automobile, they simply envision getting in the driver’s seat and driving it from point A to point B. What those people don’t consider is that if they’re going to need to transport their automobile over a long distance, or even overseas, they will probably need to consider alternate methods of transportation.

The choices for transporting an automobile vary from hiring a professional auto moving company to hiring a friend as your driver. Your decision as to which method you choose will probably depend more on your budget than preferred method.

Our professional auto transport company details your options:

Open Air Truck.
One of the most popular methods of transporting an automobile cross-country is through a commercial car shipper. Most of these commercial car shippers will place your car on an open air trailer similar to the ones you see new cars being transported on.

Enclosed Truck.
If weather concerns you when you are transporting an automobile, you might want to consider an enclosed truck. The cost may be significantly higher, but it may be worth it if you are transporting an automobile in the middle of winter or it is a luxury vehicle. An enclosed truck will also give you added peace of mind regarding unintended damage.

Professional Driving Service.
If adding the extra miles to your car is of no concern, consider hiring a driver supplied by a professional moving service. This is a great option for short distance moves and corporate vehicle moves. The company may even allow you to move your personal belongings in your vehicle.

Non-Professional Driver.
If you are on a tight budget but still need your vehicle transported, Graebel Van Lines® suggests considering hiring a trustworthy student or a personal friend. This is obviously a riskier method of transporting an automobile, so make sure your insurance covers all liabilities or thefts when someone else is driving.

Shipping Cargo Containers.
If you are transporting an automobile overseas, the only real option is via cargo container. Shipping containers are generally 20-40 feet in length, but there are different sizes available. You will need to do your research on companies that offer partial containers.