White-Glove Office Moving Services: What to Expect

Each year, thousands of businesses have to move locations. Whether they are expanding and opening new locations or downsizing, white-glove office moving services take the burden off of the process. Rather than simply hiring any old local office moving company to pick up all of the boxes you and your employees have packed, white-glove office moving services are your best bet for an efficient move that allows you and your team to focus on maintaining your daily business functions.

Graebel Van Lines® is a nationwide moving company that offers white-glove office moving services; the following is an outline of what you can expect:

Most businesses have to get rid of some furniture or office equipment in order to downsize for their office move. With white-glove office moving services from Graebel Van Lines®, you can leave the disposal of unwanted office furniture, equipment, and supplies to our team to get rid of or recycle.

White-glove office moving services include all packaging of items, straight from office drawers and closets. Your employees wont have to worry about packing moving boxes, labeling, or lifting heavy objects. The entire office move is covered when you opt for white-glove moving services.

Complete network and software setup is also a common feature of white-glove office moving services. The office movers at Graebel Moving® can disassemble your network and connections, then completely reassemble at your new office location, if desired. This prime feature of white-glove office moving services allows your business to be up and running in no time!

On top of assembling your network connections and making sure your business is back online, white-glove shippers will assemble all of your office necessities. If the moving process required chairs and desks to be broken down, white-glove office movers will be sure to assemble each piece at the new office location. However, the many perks that you can expect from white-glove movers doesn’t stop there. The full-service office movers at Graebel Moving® will also place furniture in your office according to your exact floorplan design and layout.

Although most businesses may not expect the service at all, hanging of TVs, art, refrigerator setup, and more is also covered under most white-glove office moving service package.

If you would like to receive an in-office moving estimate from Graebel Moving® and see how our white-glove office moving service can help you, contact us today!