How to Create An Office Move Announcement

One of the most crucial parts of a commercial move is announcing it in a professional and elegant manner. An office move announcement is the official notice of the move for customers, vendors, and business partners. If you are moving your company to a new location or expanding, these will be the key points in your office move announcement. As the owner of the company, it is your job to delegate the task of planning, writing, and delivering the office move announcement to someone on your staff that is knowledgeable about the commercial moving process and knows the details of your company’s move. If you are hiring a professional workspace solutions team like Optim Workspace™, they can help with the logistics of your office move announcement.

How to Create an Office Move Announcement: 

Planning Your office move announcement should have a plan and timeline. The average timeline for creating an office move announcement and getting it distributed is roughly six weeks prior to the move. However, Optim Workspace™ recommends giving your business a little more time to draft this letter and filter it through the editing process and chain of command before distribution.

Determine Mailing Lists – Depending on your industry, you may want to have more than one mailing list: one for customers, one for vendors, and one for business partners. While creating these lists, determine the most important figures that should be contacted first. Since your company most likely interacts with a set of the same individuals regularly, those are the people who should be informed of your office move first.

Content Tailored to Mailing Lists – Office move announcements for vendors and business partners should contain more content surrounding the positives behind the move. It should assuage any concern that you are moving due to downsizing or budget issues. Typically, office move announcements for business partners contain text along the lines of “Business is great so we are expanding!” Come up with short taglines like the one mentioned above that addresses the question of why you are moving and contains the positive element.  Include all contact information – even if it is not changing. Contact information is crucial to bridge the gap for potential business to fall through the cracks. All mailing list recipients should know exactly how they can get in contact with you.

Draft Office Move Announcement Letter – Your office move announcement should follow the proceeding format:

        • Company name and current mailing information
        • Greeting
        • Intro paragraph explaining any downtime that may occur, closure, reopening dates.
        • Next paragraph includes any changes in service due to the office moving.
        • New contact information for after the move is complete.
        • Contact information that will not be changing.
        • Closing
        • Signature

Method of Delivery – Decide whether you will be mailing or emailing your office move announcement letters. In the modern digital age, you will also want to share the announcement on social media platforms so that your consumers there are also informed. You can also send a refined and polished version of the office move announcement to local news outlets, and send over PR news wire sites in the form of a press release so that the word is more widely spread.