Customer and Creditor Claims

Dear Creditor:

Graebel Van Lines, LLC and its affiliates (listed in the attached claim form) are ceasing ongoing operations, effective immediately and will begin winding down their affairs.  Stored items will be transferred to a new service provider or made available for pickup by the owner.

The assets of Graebel Van Lines and all of its operating affiliates are subject to the liens of a secured creditor.  Therefore, Graebel Van Lines and its affiliates are cooperating with the secured creditor to conduct an orderly liquidation of the Companies’ assets.  At this time, we are endeavoring to collect as much value as possible to satisfy the secured creditor claim and make a distribution to unsecured creditors if excess funds are available.

Click here to download our claim form.  Please send your claim by email with supporting documentation to the following address:

or you can send your claim by mail to:

Graebel Van Lines Claims
720 Third St.
Wausau, WI 54403

If your claim relates to a Household Goods move or damages to your Facility/Residence and you have a claim relating to the shipment of your household goods and/or Facility/Residence, please state in the subject line your last name followed by first name and “HHG” (example:  Subject:  Smith, John  HHG Claim)

It is our intention to provide creditors with regular updates of the progress of wind down and liquidation effort.  We are not able to provide any further information at this time as we when or if claims of unsecured creditors will be paid.   Please note that this is not a notice of bankruptcy, and no bankruptcy proceeding is pending at this time.

We regret that the circumstances of recent months have led to this result, and we ask for your cooperation in our efforts to manage this liquidation with a minimum of administrative expense.


Graebel Van Lines, LLC

March 22, 2017