Free Office Moving Checklist

The key to a successful office move is to have a detailed and outlined course of action that coordinates between corporate figures, employees, and the office movers. Graebel Moving has over six decades of experience completing large-scale office moves and has the following free, office moving checklist for you to use to organize your move.

Project Development

  • Determine a time frame for your office move
  • Conduct an employee census on office morale regarding the move, items wanted in new location, ideal square footage.
  • Review proposed locations
  • Create floor plans for each location that outlines work stations, conference rooms, and other support spaces.
  • Create an office moving budget


  • Assess current IT structure so that it can be mimicked at new office location.
  • Take inventory of all IT equipment and support applications.
  • Evaluate estimated IT downtime that will occur during the office move
  • Establish power, AC, ventilation, network and equipment positioning requirements for the new office location.
  • Work out the logistics for getting your office up and running immediately.
  • Make sure that all technological service providers have been contacted with the new location details and office moving timeline.


  • Get phone system switched over to new location
  • Transfer phone numbers


  • Decide if any specialty areas need additional security during the entire office moving process.


Internal communication plan for employees during an office move should include:

  • Moving date/timeline
  • New building rules and information
  • Parking procedures, if any.
  • Revised telephone and fax numbers, if not transferred.
  • Required HR postings
  • Coordinate plans for conducting external communications with suppliers, customers, service providers, vendors, and business partners.

Change address and phone number on all marketing efforts:

  • Stationery
  • Business cards
  • Signage
  • Website information
  • Postal service
  • All advertising and directory listings

Moving preparation

  • Designate department move coordinators
  • Determine building logistics for moving out of current location and moving into new office location.
  • Schedule service elevator access and time slot at either point of the office move, if necessary.
  • Schedule loading and unloading docks, if needed.
  • Check to see if any special moving permits are needed for your move; may depend on location, industry, and materials being moved.
  • Even when hiring a full-service office moving company,  have a member of IT on site during the disconnect and reconnect to ensure proper handling of equipment, software, hardware, and installation of network.
  • Develop plan for protection of confidential information
  • Develop a packing plan for each department/section.
  • If you are using an office moving company, any specialty packing instructions should be drafted for them to follow.
  • Make sure that all necessary moving materials have been collected prior to moving day.
  • Make sure that everything has been packed properly and complete inventory has been taken.

Vendors to consider hiring

  • Office Moving Company
  • Cable
  • Electric
  • Telephone/data (POTS, T-1, ISDN, DSL)
  • Network
  • Security System Providers