Office Move Checklist for Employees

Whether you are moving due to expansion or scaling down, Graebel Van Lines® understands that office moving is never an easy task, especially for employees when they are involved in the moving process. That is why Graebel Van Lines® has combined their six decades of office moving experience to create this simple office move checklist for your employees to follow in the weeks and days leading up to your office move. Our office move checklist will serve as a guide for your employees, making the moving process streamlined and stress-free.

If your company is not opting for full-service office moving by a trusted office moving company in your area, and your employees will be helping with the packing and transport of all equipment to the new office space, then they should complete the following steps.

  • Make sure that office has ample moving supplies
  • Empty desk
  • Empty all supply cabinets
  • Make sure all file doors are locked and secure
  • Remove all items on walls
  • Disconnect all machinery and IT equipment, taking note of their cords and connections for setup at new office location
  • Dispose of any hazardous materials or Do Not Ship List items.
  • Dissemble all furniture
  • Properly pack all belongings
  • Label all boxes accordingly
  • Check with supervisors for more direction and instruction

For an office moving experience that allows your employees to sit back, relax, and focus on their new parking situation and commute, hire a full-service office moving company to handle all of the aforementioned list items and more.

Full-service office movers will not only come and dissemble and pack all office furniture and supplies, but they also have professional moving equipment to ensure a safe and scratch-free move. Office moving companies like Graebel Van Lines® will digitally log each item before packing them into moving boxes – for a computerized inventory and tracking system that ensures nothing is lost during your office move.

Graebel Van Lines® has experience moving major corporations, Fortune 500 companies, government facilities, and public-sector organizations. Regardless of how large your company or corporation may be, our team of world-class office movers will make it easy for not only your business operations, but also your employees.