Things to Throw Away Before Moving Long Distance

Moving long distance is a bit more of a hassle than moving across the street. However, regardless of the mileage in which you are moving, a long distance moving company will tell you that it is necessary to get rid of some things before packing up and leaving. This way, you will not only have a fresh start, but you will also be saving time packing, and money commuting with a heavier load. Graebel Van Lines®, a reputable long distance moving company, has created a list of things to throw away when moving long distance.

Things to Get Rid of in the Kitchen:

  • Appliances that have not been used in years
  • Mismatched silverware and dishes
  • Appliances that are broken
  • Outdated cookbooks
  • Old spices

Things to Get Rid of in the Bathroom:

  • Expired makeup
  • Samples of products
  • Products you stored under the sink because you did not like them after trying them
  • Old, stained shower curtains
  • Outdated artwork

What to Get Rid of in Your Bedroom:

  • Old jewelry
  • Clothing, like socks and underwear, with holes in it
  • Shoes you do not wear
  • Clothes that no longer fit you

What to Get Rid of in Your Living Room:

  • Lamps that do not work
  • Games you no longer play
  • Books and magazines that will never be read again
  • Old and outdates tapes, DVDs, and other digital media

What to Get Rid of in Your Office:

  • Old paperwork
  • Extra and old holiday wrapping materials
  • Books you are not going to read
  • New office supplies that have been sitting there, unused
  • Old office furniture

Before moving, the professionals at your long distance moving company suggest having a yard sale. Instead of throwing everything away, you can sell the old things you no longer use to people who need them more than you do.