We help companies, large and small, get to their new location.

  • Experts in corporate and executive-level moves
  • 65 years of local, national, and international moving expertise
  • Customized storage, installation, warehousing, and inventory services for all types of business, with specialized skills in Healthcare, Hospitality, and Retail
  • GSA-approved carrier for government agency and military transfers

Moving your office is a big deal. You need to accomplish the move quickly and efficiently, with minimum downtime.

Graebel Van Lines provides a turnkey result, no matter how big or small your needs are. Whether you’re moving an entire warehouse facility, upgrading to a new office space, or getting the new CEO into that sweet corner office, we provide expert support. Our professional project managers will coordinate your entire office move to get you from point A to point B as efficiently as possible.

Expert Solutions

Our professionally trained managers expedite your office move by:

  • Providing field measurements, detailed inventory of existing furniture, and furniture specs to alert you to potential shortages in your new configuration
  • Mapping floor plan layout with CAD designers
  • Coordinating with data and electrical vendors on critical timetables
  • Computer and office equipment disconnection/reconnection
  • Manufacturer-trained installers for all major furniture lines

Inventory and Asset Management

If you’re using existing furniture, we’ll help you streamline the reconfiguration to fully utilize your available inventory before considering the purchase of new. Or if you’re buying new, we’ll work with your vendors (or refer to you one of our partners) to facilitate the process.

Our web-based inventory management tools let you see at a glance in real time what assets are currently available. We’ll work directly with your selected furniture vendors to ensure you maximize your existing inventory before going through the time and expense of buying new.

Warehousing Experts

Our experienced staff of warehouse professionals will help with:

  • Overall warehouse design and space planning
  • Pallet racking space planning and installation
  • Inventorying all uprights, crossbars, and shelving
  • Working with your team on a new configuration
  • Locating supplemental parts and pieces if needed

Environmentally Responsible

Graebel Van Lines believes in reducing landfill waste as much as possible. We do all we can to donate, recycle, or otherwise liquidate unwanted assets. It’s a win/win, since this can result in significant cost reductions for your move.

We coordinate with schools and charitable organizations to find good homes for your excess furniture. For electronics, we manage disposal with responsible e-waste firms. Graebel Van Lines will coordinate everything and pass the savings on to you.

Less Stress

Don’t let an office move stress you out. Graebel Van Lines will help with every aspect of the process. Call us today at 877-488-3575.

Nationally certified from the International Office Moving Institute(IOMI).

Our Services:

  • Corporate headquarters, office, and one-time office moves.
  • Sub-contractor, data, telephony, and electrical coordination.
  • Accurate office moving estimates of equipment, people, materials, and total costs.
  • Move-Add-Change (MAC) management.
  • Proven office move checklists, planning, and processes.
  • Records storage and disposal.
  • High density filing systems and storage solutions.
  • Bar-coded inventory management.
  • Worldwide transportation, including less-than-truckload, truckload, and padded van services.
  • Warehouse and distribution services.
  • Just-In-Time delivery services.
  • Single-source logistics services and management.
  • Systems furniture transportation, delivery, installation, and reconfiguration.
  • Hospitality industry furniture, fixtures, and equipment (FF&E) services.
  • Healthcare industry moving services.