Workspace Moving for Your Business

When it comes time for your business to change locations or expand, workspace moving for your business is a must. Workspace moves are not easily carried out and, if completed with negligence, can do tremendous harm to your business production and downtime. The majority of business owners know that opting for help from professional workspace moving consultants is a smart idea, but they may still want to give managers down the chain of command a basic outline of what to expect during the office move.

Optim Workspace™ is a Graebel Van Lines® Company and has over 65 years of combined experience completing workspace moves for local businesses, major businesses and massive corporations. Regardless of your industry, workspace moving for your business will consist of the following basic steps and characteristics.

Moving Schedule. The very first aspect of workspace moving for your business is determining a time frame and moving schedule for the move. Work with all top executives and even managers down the line of command to get an idea for the absolute best time to move your business. It is common to pick a month where business is slow in order to have as little downtime as possible and to be able to focus on the logistics of the move.

Communication Plan. When it comes to workspace moving, communication is key. The last thing you want is one of your business managers to be left out of the loop and not be prepared for your workspace move. Your communication plan should let all employees, customers, supplies, and others who you do business with know exactly what is going on and the timeframe for completion so that they are not surprised if a connection or communication is delayed.

Assign Tasks. For smaller workspace moves, you may want to divvy out moving-related tasks so that moving your business is simple and all employees are well-aware of their individual roles in the process. Larger companies and major corporations typically assign a moving committee to plan and organize the entire endeavor. Tasks should include hiring a reputable workspace moving company, telling employees what they should or should not pack, outlining a packing schedule (if not using full-service workspace movers), and determining the logistics of the move down to the last detail.

Hiring Workspace Movers. Businesses are not as easy to move as residential properties are. Small businesses may choose to complete their office move on their own, but the time, money, and business that is lost by employees doing the moving may end up costing more than simply hiring workspace movers to make it simple. Research workspace moving companies in your area, contact them and make sure that your moving date suits their schedule, and then work out the logistics with their coordinators. The workspace movers that you choose should come with their own packing supplies if you are opting for a full-service workspace move, as well as labels and all supplemental equipment like dollies, quilt pad blankets, and straps.